BUREL is an artisanal product made from 100% wool. Very resistant and versatile, the fabric originates from the mountain regions of Portugal where it was worn in the form of capes and coats on rainy, snowy or cold days. Burel 100% Wool as a design fabric offers stitched and woven solutions inspired by Portuguese tradition. Applications include cushions, wall hangings and bed throws.

After being carded, the wool is transformed into a mesh, twisted in the spinning process and turned into thread. The thread is then woven into a fabric, which is then transformed into bunting at the loom. The bunting is then submitted to a pounding process until it is finally transformed to become the finished product encompassing a wide spectrum of colours.

  • versatile – suitable for many applications from wall hangings to cushions
  • bespoke/ custom made from a wide spectrum of colours
  • woven and stitched structures to any dimensions or forms
  • 100% wool and agro-product
  • fire and water resistant
  • good temperature and acoustic properties
  • easy to maintain and keep clean

Burel 100% Wool can be kept clean by regular vacuum cleaning. The fibre structure repels dirt, allowing for fast cleaning and drying after accidental spilling. For a machine wash use the wool program at a temperature no greater than 40°C. Steam ironing is recommended at the wool setting.

Burel 100% Wool chemical properties

  • Carbon (C) – 50%
  • Hydrogen (H) – 7%
  • Oxygen (O) – 21%
  • Nitrogen (N) – 17%
  • Sulphur (S) – 5%

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