Sourced from sheep in the mountains of Serra da Estrelas in the north of Portugal, MANTAS PORTUGUESAS – BLANKETS are a range of soft and warm blankets, spun into yarn and woven on a rudimentary traditional loom.

Available in a spectrum of patterns and colours, the Fio da Trama (Wire Yarn) can vary between pearl, grey or warm grey; the Fio do Urdido (Weft Yarn) can vary between any of the colours available. Note: this rule does not apply to patterns: Vintage, Pied de Poule, & Multicolours.

Standard blanket sizes are:- 1700 x 1300mm & 2400 x 1800mm. Bespoke sizes available on request subject to minimum order quantities.

Most Mantas are stock items. Allow 7 working days for delivery. For more information, including to retail this product, please click here