CORK FLOORING by WICANDERS is a product of the Cork tree, a feature of the Portuguese landscape, with Amorim, Wicander’s parent company, producing 80% of the world’s cork. Whereas traditional timber flooring requires the felling of trees, cork is harvested or stripped from the trees by gently prising the bark with an axe. An essential process repeated every  9 years for the tree to live more than 150 years. The cork bark is then processed before manufactured into flooring. Cork flooring combines state of the art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork, to provide a clean, safe and quick-to-install flooring solution with beauty, comfort and durability.
CorkComfort ‘GLUE DOWN’ provides the traditional comfort of cork flooring in tile format. CorkComfort ‘FLOATING’ is available in floor board format with an integrated glue-less Corkloc installation system – simply put the planks together and securely click them into place. An integrated cork underlay reinforces thermal and acoustic properties, and important energy cost savings. ‘HYDROCORK’ is a low thickness water resistant and incredibly stable ‘Floating’ solution, resilient, easy to cut and install. Available at 6mm or 10.5mm thicknesses it is the perfect choice for renovation projects.
– Ideal for renovation projects: 10.5mm thick
– Excellent sound absorber: sound reduction up to 53%
Thermally comfortable: optimal floor temperature all year round resulting in potential energy savings
– Anti-bacterial: Allergy-friendly & hygienic
Sustainable: No cork trees are felled – the bark is ‘shaved’ every 9 years, allowing the bark to grow back
– Wear resistant & non-abrasive finish: for easy maintenance
– Natural memory: cork bounces back from impacts
– Shock-absorbing: relieve strain on feet, joints, back